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Hochfeiler is an Italian company, founded in Rome in 1991, engaged in planning, developing and distributing software products.
The company has acquired relevant experience in complex hypertextual and multimedia systems, portals and web sites designed for a wide range of users.
The firm proposes innovative e-learning management systems solutions, interactive platforms for competence evaluation and WBT systems, secure communication and on-line transfer of reserved documents.
Hochfeiler is one of the first companies to work in this field, with creative solutions and leading edge technologies.
Thanks to the creativity skills of its multimedia lab, the company shows its capability to combine information technology and multimedia, design and art, e-publishing and literary tradition.
Hochfeiler obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification for design, development and maintenance of web applications (EA 33)
and for design and provision of on-site and remote
professional training courses (EA 37).

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